[6:28:39 PM] _8_O_8_: yeh take off on spit bucket
[6:28:49 PM] _8_O_8_: and fits the punk mood of the piece
[6:29:12 PM] _8_O_8_: the first minute of the track
[6:29:17 PM] _8_O_8_: notes the spit bucket
[6:29:33 PM] _8_O_8_: old days in saloon
[6:29:43 PM] _8_O_8_: call did spitoon
[6:29:50 PM] _8_O_8_: not sure spell on dat
[6:29:59 PM] _8_O_8_: spitoon
[6:30:50 PM] _8_O_8_: double tt
[6:30:52 PM] _8_O_8_: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/spittoon